What if teachers had to deal with fandoms in Elementary school...

  • Harry Potter: Children, stop swishing your pencils around, and pay attention.
  • The Mortal Instruments: Your mothers will NOT be happy if you she sees all this mess on your arms!
  • The Hunger Games: Stop trying to kill each other, honestly.
  • Percy Jackson: I know you can read the assignment. Stop pretending you can't.
  • Divergent: For God's sake, get off the roof!
  • Twilight: When we bleed, we go to the nurse. Drinking the blood will make us sick, understand?
  • The Maze Runner: Wicked is a bad word!
  • Gossip Girl: Gossiping is unkind, and is also against school rules.
  • Glee: And again with the singing...
  • Percy Jackson: Give me the
  • Twilight: Charles, come inside! For the last time, your skin will never sparkle!
  • The Hunger Games: Stop caressing your bread, and save it for lunch, children.
  • Eragon: Murmuring gibberish under your breath won't get you out of detention.